Item collection 4a685f44 2330 4262 a06d 377b7c5ba5dc

Long Leverback Earrings Green Jade, Purple Sugilite, Turquoise, 925 Sterling Silver


Item collection 99673477 d6c4 4ff7 b559 5c4039d4f7ba

Long Pyrite Copper Earrings Artist Handcrafted Rustic Boho Gemstone Jewelry


Item collection 35c9418d 5c37 41e5 abfd c43a073c3d04

Southwest Leverback Earrings w/ Blue Turquoise, Onyx, Glass, Sterling Silver


Item collection e921d4fd 7819 4c15 ad80 2bff06a63c13

Handcrafted Carnelian Earrings Copper Gemstone Earthtones Locking French Hooks, Silpada Style, Southwest Artisan Jewelry


Item collection 6bf63e31 11c7 4335 a3a8 b05d2ec77adc

Long Green Leverback Earrings Green Quartz w/ Turquoise Tree Of Life Sterling Silver


Item collection 5097693 original

Chunky Green Turquoise Statement Necklace Turquoise Nuggets Necklace


Item collection 6db8d965 aa73 4cf8 83d8 b1e5c572cb97

Copper Earrings w/ Rose Quartz, Blue Turquoise, Green Agate, Artist Handcrafted


Item collection 469f02d1 fca5 4752 a961 0721f99cacab

Abalone w/ Turquoise Earrings Southwest Leverback Sterling Silver Artist Crafted


Item collection 322417d4 a569 415c b42f c05285eba6de

Long Black Onyx Earrings Sterling Silver w/ Antique Flower Charm Handmade Southwest


Item collection 5097600 original

Turquoise Necklace & Pendant Dainty Silver Flower Rose Turquoise Dangle Y style


Item collection 7ab9dc6b 4b70 4288 a976 45d3d5c39058

Golden Tiger Eye Gemstone Earrings, Copper Jewelry, Southwest Silpada Style Earrings


Item collection 5097708 original

2 Strand Red Stone Statement Necklace, Double Strand Chunky Red Turquoise Necklace, Statement Necklace


Item collection e79374f0 6ced 4d3b b436 6885341468f2

Boho Southwest Earrings 925 Sterling Silver Teal Blue Iridescent Glass Handcrafted


Item collection b0b981f3 0a37 49f5 a15d d881ae567a20

Pearl Earrings Purple Plum Glass Pearl Dangle Sterling Silver 925 Artist Handcrafted


Item collection 5097596 original

Chunky Green Turquoise Nugget Earrings, Drop Earrings, Chunky Turquoise Jewelry


Item collection b63fbd5b ba6d 49bf 98b5 a19cac307a58

Red Howlite Turquoise Earrings w/ Sterling Silver French Hooks, Red Stone Earrings, Red Turquoise Earrings.


Item collection 69834a67 25c9 4a15 b8db 0aed6cc263fc

Blue Turquoise And Green Jade Earrings w/ Sterling Silver Hook Earwires Artist Handcrafted


Item collection 5097684 original

Chunky Turquoise And Picture Jasper Southwest Necklace, Statement Necklace


Item collection bf11776d fdfc 47ec b2e8 f5fdf702f09d

Western Sterling Silver Leverback Earrings Handcrafted Southwest Concho Style


Item collection 9e318738 baff 4f83 8131 cc4953ea30f0

Cherry Creek Jasper Earrings w/ Sterling Silver Hooks Southwest Style


Item collection 38ddebf4 80d6 42ce 8182 7d9aeb56876d

Blue Mosaic Turquoise Earrings Sterling Silver French Hooks Artist Handcrafted Turquoise Jewelry, December Earrings


Item collection 5097856 original

Handcrafted Blue Turquoise Earrings w/ Carved Design, Unique Turquoise Earrings, Turquoise Jewelry, December Earrings


Item collection 75a45f02 bb60 4168 ae79 4eb8235c1c5b

Blue Turquoise Leverback Earrings w/ Black Onyx Sterling Silver Earwires Handmade Jewelry


Item collection 5097771 original

Chunky Blue Turquoise Nugget 2 Strand Statement Necklace, Southwest Jewelry


Item collection a6cb9058 a8fc 4e49 bcff a0fc90ca8a26

Picture Jasper Teardrop Earrings Gemstone Leverbacks 925 Sterling Silver Handmade


Item collection f44edf99 5812 4b60 ab40 f1286c80e126

Picture Jasper Earrings Natural Brown Stones 925 Sterling Silver French Hook Earwires


Item collection 5097632 original

Modern Mother Of Pearl Brown Earrings, MOP Dangle Earrings, Sterling Silver Hook Earrings


Item collection f81ebd17 fd2b 46af 85e3 7ab6e9b34427

Chunky Red Coral Stack Earrings 925 Sterling Silver French Hooks, Artist Crafted Southwest Western


Item collection 885cd965 b4f1 4efd 8153 b60ca9610507

Blue Turquoise Earrings w/ 925 Sterling Silver French Hook Earwires Artist Handmade


Item collection b7089b7d dc5b 40d3 bce6 086dddd978d5

Faceted Black Onyx Earrings w/ Copper Findings And Niobium French Hooks


Item collection 5097795 original

Turquoise w/ Coral Earrings Southwest Boho Style Sterling Silver French Hooks


Item collection 2a33591f 01f5 4762 995a a32555fefac3

Mexican Crazy Lace Agate Earrings w/ Copper And Niobium Hooks


Item collection 1d7c6f4f 70a7 4582 b89e a2152a71e046

Tribal Jasper And Turquoise Dangle Earrings w/ 925 Sterling Silver Leverbacks


Item collection 5097698 original

Cherry Red 3 Strand Statement Necklace, Red Jewelry, Southwest jewelry


Item collection 21944778 4909 42eb 9918 5b3eb585453c

Gold Pearl Leverback Earrings Antiqued Copper Artist Jewelry Handmade In Arizona KachinaDesigns


Item collection 5097703 original

Copper And Mint Green Jade Earrings, Dangle Gemstone Earrings, Copper Drop Earrings


Item collection 3d7fa273 7814 4ccc a1ac 3bd2e63415e3

Orange Pumpkin Copper Earrings, Fall Autumn Holiday Thanksgiving Jewelry


Item collection bb59e2af a344 4821 8d82 1cfb2d9ce6d2

Handcrafted Copper Agate Jasper Earrings, Pierced Hook Dangle Earrings Artisan Jewelry


Item collection 5097680 original

Navy Blue Necklace Dark Blue Agate Necklace Adjustable Length


Item collection 4e80f1f6 63fe 404e 8eba 77e1e68f6db7

Copper And Red Turquoise French Hook Earrings Southwestern Boho Style