I began making jewelry shortly after moving to Arizona more than 20 years ago. Being surrounded by amazing scenery, color and culture is nothing short of 'inspiration on tap'. I was taught how to string a bracelet by a lovely Navajo woman named Nettie - and I've been designing ever since.

You won't find factory imports in my shop. You will find premium artisan jewelry that is uniquely designed, using only the best materials. I source my supplies carefully, using high standards. Gemstones and beads are hand picked for quality and color. Earrings hang straight and wear comfortably. Beaded pieces are strung on silk blend cord or stainless steel wire, *never* plastic fishing line. When you buy from Kachina Designs, you are purchasing from the artisan, and you will *see and feel* a difference. Thank you for supporting handmade.

Everything here is crafted in my Arizona studio. Materials I frequently use and enjoy are: handtorched artist lampwork glass, artisan stoneware pendants, natural fibers, leather, handforged metals, and of course, a wide array of colorful gemstones.